Vehicle Diagnostics and Electrical Specialists

Today's vehicles are packed with electronic control systems which run everything from the engine management to tyre pressures. Sometimes the system will pick up a fault and the information will be stored in the On Board Diagnostics System. Using the most up to date test equipment, we can plug in to your vehicle and check the system for any stored fault codes, perform live vehicle data tests and carry out a vehicle check. 

We often carry out repairs for other local garages that either don’t have the level of equipment or knowledge required to solve complicated issues with Can Bus and Linus faults, or program in new components. 

We Offer a fixed Price for diagnostics plug in at £20. 

If your vehicle requires further testing we will quote in hours how much time we think is needed to trace the fault. If we can fix the fault in that time we will. If we find parts are needed, we contact you first.

You always know the price of the repair. 

 Engine Warning Light

 ABS Warning Light

 Brake Warning Light

 Oil Pressure Warning Light

 Engine Service Light / Engine Warning Light

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